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Faversham, Kent



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dawson, Alfred  1820Faversham, Kent I560
2 Dawson, Ann Staines  6 Jun 1825Faversham, Kent I565
3 Dawson, Arthur Egglestone  7 Jan 1879Faversham, Kent I192
4 Dawson, Bessie Hiller  15 Jul 1877Faversham, Kent I430
5 Dawson, Charles Wesley  24 Mar 1835Faversham, Kent I572
6 Dawson, Eliza  10 Apr 1829Faversham, Kent I569
7 Dawson, Elizabeth Dixon  13 Oct 1821Faversham, Kent I561
8 Dawson, George  11 Mar 1837Faversham, Kent I574
9 Dawson, Rev. John Wesley  17 Aug 1816Faversham, Kent I444
10 Dawson, Mary Anne  28 Apr 1818Faversham, Kent I558
11 Dawson, Rebecca  Abt 1833Faversham, Kent I571
12 Dawson, Robert Staines  7 Jun 1831Faversham, Kent I570
13 Dawson, Sarah  17 Mar 1827Faversham, Kent I567
14 Dawson, Susanna  8 Aug 1823Faversham, Kent I564
15 Dawson, William Goodhugh  24 May 1814Faversham, Kent I88
16 Dawson, William Goodhugh  12 Dec 1851Faversham, Kent I89
17 Roberts, Sarah  Abt 1804Faversham, Kent I1409
18 Sharp, Frederick  2 Jan 1825Faversham, Kent I3850
19 Sharp, John Bunger  17 Sep 1822Faversham, Kent I1317
20 Smith, John Lever  30 Nov 1815Faversham, Kent I559


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burgess, Sarah  Abt Apr 1809Faversham, Kent I1269
2 Dawson, Alfred  Abt Oct 1821Faversham, Kent I560
3 Dawson, George  Abt Mar 1838Faversham, Kent I574
4 Dawson, William Goodhugh  5 Apr 1884Faversham, Kent I88
5 Day, Annie Elizabeth  Dec 1924Faversham, Kent I1653
6 Eggleston, Frances  28 Jan 1910Faversham, Kent I1790
7 Presley, Susanna  Abt Apr 1822Faversham, Kent I497
8 Roberts, John  Abt 1865Faversham, Kent I4697
9 Smith, Frances  31 Oct 1874Faversham, Kent I1742
10 Spillett, Sarah  27 Oct 1869Faversham, Kent I4696


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dunn / Day  1873Faversham, Kent F748
2 Hinds / Fowler  25 Dec 1829Faversham, Kent F1272
3 Jones / Dawson  May 1846Faversham, Kent F312

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